Smart Video & Sensing have installed a dedicated Tunnel Detection Testbed at Southwick Hill Tunnel on behalf of Highways England’s ITS Group, part of the Safety, Engineering & Standards Directorate. Southwick Hill Tunnel is twin bore, two lanes per bore and is on the busy A27 just outside Brighton, East Sussex.

Smart Video and Sensing - Products - National Tunnel Detection Testbed

The Testbed will allow suppliers of any detection equipment to have their equipment evaluated by Highways England, or to help suppliers to develop new detection technology prior to requesting evaluation.

The Testbed consists of:

  • Two bores of 500 metres (east and west bound);
  • 18 test locations spaced at 50 metre intervals (9 in each bore);
  • Capability of 36 individual test devices at any one time;
  • Dedicated validation CCTV at each test location;
  • Dedicated fibre network;
  • User web access to their own equipment and tunnel detection logs, etc.;
  • Fully managed installation and decommissioning process.

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Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Sensors

Combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi device detection for real-time travel time and origin and destination measurement.

Understanding who is using the road, where they are going and whether they get there on time is essential for policymakers, traffic managers and drivers alike. Real-time travel time information helps to reduce commuting times and vehicle emissions.

The Veovo Traffic Management solution works by placing sensors at strategic points along roads, transit networks and public places. The sensors detect Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices, such as mobile phones and in-car audio and communication systems. By re-identifying the device from multiple sensors, the travel times, wait times and movement patterns become available.

Smart Video Sensing - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Sensors
Smart Video Sensing - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Sensors - Traffic Light

Radar Sensors

Innovative Radar products for traffic management and enforcement.

smartmicro’s ultra-high definition (4D/UHD) traffic sensors feature the most advanced multi-lane multi-object tracking radar technology.

We offer radar sensors for several applications: For intersection management we provide stop bar and advance detection in one single sensor. For highway or arterial management, we deliver counting and classification with highest accuracy. We also offer radar sensors for speed and red-light enforcement. Additionally, smartmicro has several applications to make cities smarter and enable car2X communication.

Radar sensors project a low power microwave beam on the road and capture all objects inside the field of view. Our partner’s patented radar measurement principles allow real time direct measurement of range, speed and azimuth angle of all reflectors simultaneously even in complex situations.

Smart Video Sensing - Radar Sensors


MIDAR is a forward firing radar designed as a cost effective non-intrusive replacement for loop detectors on Highways England’s Motorway Incident Detection & Automatic Signalling (MIDAS) system. MIDAR is compatible with the Costain/SSL, Peek (Dynniq) & Siemens MIDAS Outstations.

MIDAS radar trial picture with cctv AMDN

Key features:

  • Flexible mounting options - Can be pole mounted or mounted on existing infrastructure
  • No offset needed if pole mounted
  • Numerous mounting height options
  • Overcomes many occlusion issues experienced with side firing radar
  • Higher accuracy compared to side firing radar
  • Covers up to 8 lanes of traffic
  • Simple setup with Easy Mode software
  • Maintenance free


ANPR Cameras

Hassle-free and accurate number plate recognition.

Our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera range can be used for a wide variety of applications including stop & go tolling, parking and access control. Multiple cameras can also be used to track vehicles at different points on a road network, allowing for route and journey time analysis.

Our range has the following advantages:

  • Embedded technology: the information is entirely processed on board the smart camera (no extra PC, software licence, etc. needed);
  • OCR on board: images are analysed directly on board the smart camera;
  • Plug & Play: simplified, quick, safe and light installation;
  • Standalone: the smart camera can also operate without a pre-set data connection - events are saved on an embedded MicroSD;
  • MicroSD on board: activates automatic saving of information in case of disruption in the data connection. Ensures that no events get lost.
Smart Video Sensing - ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Our Product Range:

  • ANPR Product Range Brochure
  • Vega Basic Short Range
  • Vega Basic Long Range
  • Vega Smart HD
  • Vega Smart 2HD
  • Vega Smart Speed
  • Vega Smart Traffic Light
  • ANPR Mobile
  • Pole Mount

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Smart Video & Sensing Universal Deployment Surveillance Solution

Portable PTZ with built-in magnetic mount for application on vehicle or on a tripod. Full control via a local ‘app’ on a phone or tablet. The SmartUDSS has an embedded video/audio CODEC, 3G/4G modem, WiFi and GPS and on-board recording capability. Ideal for temporary deployment in applications such as outdoor concerts, parking, traffic management and construction sites.

The SmartUDSS is easy to carry, easy to deploy, easy to operate and comes
complete with mains power supply, two rechargeable batteries and a 12v
in-vehicle cable.

Additional Information:
Smart UDSS Datasheet

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Stainless Steel Camera Housings

Specialist housings for the most severe and corrosive environments.

There are many critical environments where CCTV is required where a standard camera housing won’t be suitable due to environmental conditions. We offer a range of stainless steel housings and accessories for marine, industrial and highly corrosive environments. We can also supply ATEX certified housings for explosive environments.

Our housings offer a wide range of functions including water and air cooling systems, front window air cleaning systems, integrated wash wipers, and more. We can accommodate for cameras of various sizes and functions, such as thermal, dome and PTZ cameras.


Automatic Incident Detection (AID)

Fast and reliable detection of incidents and events on critical transport networks.

Smart Video & Sensing and Sprinx Technologies offer a complete and professional solution for Automatic Incident Detection and Traffic Data Collection. Our SX-TRAFFIC system and SX-VISIONTRAFFIC intelligent camera provide reliable detection of incidents and anomalies in traffic flow on critical infrastructures such as highways, tunnels and intersections.

Our AID solutions, based on intelligent image processing, enable us to quickly alert operators about incidents and traffic slowdown, to promptly send notifications of events to the Sprinx TVM software platform and to 3rd party systems (ITS software platforms or Tunnel SCADA) or to Sprinx DOMINO NVRs to automatically archive video clips of the events (before and after the alarm was detected) and to record relevant statistical data such as vehicle counting, traffic density and traffic flow conditions.

In Smart City applications, our AID solutions can estimate the Origin-Destination (OD) matrix to describe transportation at city crossroads or roundabouts.

Traffic Events & Alarms

  • Stopped Vehicle
  • Wrong-way Driver
  • Pedestrian
  • Smoke / Low Visibility (in tunnel)
  • Traffic Slowdown
  • Queue

Traffic Data Collection

  • Vehicle Counting
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Average Speed Estimation
  • Traffic Density
  • Origin-Destination Matrix

Key Features

  • Simultaneous detection on different lanes
  • Web-based system configuration interface
  • Video detection with thermal cameras (SX-TRAFFIC)
  • Event notification to Mirasys DVMS systems
  • Event notification to IndigoVision NVRs
  • Event notification via Modbus protocol

Araani Smokecatcher Software

Video Smoke Detection for critical environments.

SmokeCatcher from video analytics specialist Araani is a patented reliable early warning system for smoke detection in critical indoor environments. By adding Araani’s proven & tested video analytics to your visual security camera, SmokeCatcher offers superfast smoke detection in places where traditional smoke detection systems fail due to slow detection or too many false alarms.

Video Smoke Detection sees it first

SmokeCatcher does not need to make physical contact with the smoke. The system can actually see starting smoke fumes from large distances. This saves many valuable seconds, which can be used to take action before a major accident happens.

Ready when it matters most

Even a small fire can have big consequences, both in high-impact (e.g. airplane hangars) and high-risk environments (e.g. chemical plants). Traditional smoke detectors might only get activated when the damage is already done.

Effective in harsh environments

SmokeCatcher operates flawlessly in environments where chemicals, dust or vapor are present every day. Unlike traditional smoke detection systems, SmokeCatcher does not generate false alarms because of these phenomena.

Ideal for great heights

SmokeCatcher is ideal for use in tall buildings or large indoor spaces. In these environments, smoke might never reach your traditional smoke detector, because of a process called stratification, which stops the upward movement of smoke.

Additional Information:

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Qvision Software

A revolutionary, cost-effective way to show live video updates to large numbers of users.

Qvision offers a low-cost alternative to streaming by providing live video updates of traffic conditions on highways, bridges, tunnels, cargo areas, or any congestion points. It is also an economical, intelligent solution for travel destinations, construction companies, remote installations, public parks, attractions, and many others.

The Qvision software converts live video streams, which are heavy on bandwidth and therefore heavy on costs, into looped video updates, which can be configured for duration and update frequency.

Smart Video & Sensing can help you add the Qvision solution to your current system, or supply, install and configure a complete system to your requirements.

From this...

Smart Video Sensing Qvision Software - Live Video Updates

To this!

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An innovative and effective audio-based incident detection system.

Ambient noise contains a significant amount of information, which can be extracted using high-quality microphone (sensor) systems. JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s solution, AKUT, can utilise this information to create an incident detection system by identifying sounds that are abnormal (e.g. tyre screeching, impacts, blowouts, etc.) for a particular environment/time of day, etc. and raising an alarm.

The Qvision software converts live video streams, which are heavy on bandwidth and therefore heavy on costs, into looped video updates, which can be configured for duration and update frequency.

Smart Video & Sensing can help you add the Qvision solution to your current system, or supply, install and configure a complete system to your requirements.

The system detects abnormalities within a very fast time (approximately 0.7 seconds) and the microphones use strength algorithms to determine exact location between two microphones. The system can also “hear around corners” which other incident detection system technologies, such as CCTV, cannot do.

The impressive results in detection, and particularly in the time of response, show the advantages of the system and how it can replace or complement any existing system.

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Laser Scanners

Cost-effective and accurate detection and analytics.

Laser scanners capture two-dimensional or multi-dimensional contour data and process this both internally and externally. Laser scanning technology is an incredibly accurate data-collection tool and can be utilised for a wide range of applications including security, safety, automation and traffic management.

A laser scanner uses one or more sender diodes diverted by a rotating mirror. A single pulse or modulated frequency pulse of the laser diode is spread in a horizontal plane as a distance and reflectivity energy value is determined for each individual point. The single measurements points are accumulated over the field of view to create a full scan plane.

Advantages of laser scanner technology:

  • Suitable for object measurement and positioning, area monitoring and prevention of collisions;
  • Scanning angle from 70° to 360°;
  • For both indoor and outdoor use;
  • No special reflective properties required for measuring objects;
  • No reflectors or markings required for objects;
  • Measuring objects can be in any position;
  • Measured data available in real time;
  • Mounting positions outside of the collision area;
  • Reliable monitoring of buildings and objects using flexible design of monitored fields;
  • Any attachment position;
  • Low installation costs due to large monitored fields.
Smart Video Sensing - Laser Scanners