Smart Video & Sensing Ltd have delivered yet another MOVA site using the smartmicro UMRR-11 multi-lane radar. Working with Consultant Matt Williams of JSTSM Ltd on behalf of Somerset County Council, two radars were installed on the busy A38 Wellington Road/Castle Street junction in Taunton. The versatility of the UMRR-11s were demonstrated with their multi-lane configuration capabilities. They were programmed for all MOVA loops on both carriageways in two directions as well as providing right turn demand at the junction.

Matt Williams, experiencing the installation of the UMRR-11 for the very first time, commented on the cost effectiveness of a single detector providing so much versatility. Our engineer on site provided Matt with a swift course on programming the UMRR-11 via the TM Configurator software and left him with his own software copy for future installations. The TM Configurator, connected to the UMRR-11 via Wi-Fi will allow modifications and additions to me made to the installed programme within the radar detector. Such useful software tool will allow Consultants to make adjustments to the ’virtual’ loops size and positions which of course is impractical where conventional loops are concerned.  Siemens Traffic engineers facilitated the installation in Taunton working alongside the commissioning engineers from SVS Ltd.

The UMRR-11 has multi-target capability. The sensor can detect up to 128 objects over 4 lanes of traffic within the field of view at any one time. The sensor measures range, radial speed, horizontal and vertical angle, reflectivity and more parameters of multiple stationary and moving ‘targets’ simultaneously. It is capable of high definition (4D/HD), where HD resolution means that the sensor can separate objects by their speed and distance to the sensor. The UMRR-11 radar sensor is almost unaffected by weather, temperature, or lighting conditions.