Smart Video & Sensing represent the following companies in the UK:

Smart Video Sensing - Partners - Araani


Araani is an innovative video analytics developer with an advanced smoke detection solution as their flagship product.

Smart Video Sensing - Partners - Axis Communications

Axis Communications

Axis is a market leading manufacturer of network video surveillance products, many of which have on-board video analytics capabilities.

Smart Video Sensing - Partners - BLIP Systems

BLIP Systems

BLIP Systems provide queue and flow management solutions using technology including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors.

Smart Video Sensing - Partners - Calipsa


Calipsa provide state of the art cloud-based algorithms for extracting data from video inputs.

Smart Video Sensing - Partners - Joanneum Research


JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a leading international research organisation that develops solutions and technologies for businesses and industries covering a wide range of sectors.

Smart Video Sensing - Partners - Qvision


Qvision is a supplier of revolutionary software that provides a cost-effective way to show live video updates to large numbers of users.

Smart Video Sensing - Partners - Smartmicro


Smartmicro is a specialist manufacturer of advanced radar sensors, focussing on the traffic, automotive, airborne and security markets.

Sprinx Technologies Logo


Sprinx Technologies is an Italian software development & engineering company, focused on designing and providing intelligent video surveillance systems for the traffic and transportation industry.

Smart Video Sensing - Partners - Tattile


Tattile is an expert manufacturer of ANPR and road traffic control cameras for tolling, tracking, access control and enforcement applications.


Vemotion are specialists in wireless video transmission, encoding and streaming live video over low bitrate networks such as wireless GSM/GPRS and radio networks.