From the start of your project to the very end, Smart Video & Sensing (SVS) offer a range of services to help you design, install and maintain your project on time and on budget. We have over 15-years’ experience in the provision of solutions across a range of transportation and security sectors including urban and inter-urban roads, rail and waterways.

Specialising in the provision of a variety of detection and sensing solutions, SVS can offer the following:


Whether you need an upgrade to your current system or a completely bespoke solution, Smart Video & Sensing’s expert designers will provide innovative and cost-effective design proposals to meet your requirements.

We can procure the equipment to ensure compatibility with the proposed solution following the design phase.

End to End Integration

Developments in technology can often leave systems out of date and overly complicated.

Smart Video & Sensing has the experience and product knowledge to help you save time and money by identifying points of failure in your systems and recommending and designing alternative and robust solutions.

Installation & Commissioning

Smart Video & Sensing’s experienced engineering team can install and commission ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), whether they’re to our design or your own.

SVS recognise that project and programme management is the key to ensuring a successful project and our dedicated Project Managers will always be on hand to ensure installations go smoothly.


Smart Video & Sensing understand the importance of reliability, and that our clients’ ever demanding timescales and operational efficiencies mean that systems need to remain up to date and in good working order.

SVS offer affordable maintenance solutions for the wide range of products and solutions that we provide. We can also provide maintenance of third party installed systems.


Analytics and sensing solutions can often be complicated, as well as crucial to the successful operation of an internal system or transport network. It is therefore vital that users and operators are competent enough to effectively manage and utilise your system.

Smart Video & Sensing offer structured training programmes using visual aids and technical documentation to ensure you can get the most out of the products and systems we provide.