We have recently carried out another successful site survey using the versatile UMRR-11 radar detector, this time to provide virtual ‘ALL RED’ loop zones within a narrow railway tunnel on a very busy shuttle working traffic signal site in Pirbright, Surrey.

The existing ‘ALL RED’ loop detectors within the tunnel have failed and to close the tunnel to re-cut them would involve a very long road diversion on the approaches to both sides of the tunnel.

Mounting to the existing traffic signal site infrastructure, the smartmicro UMRR-11 radar detector can easily be deployed with minimal time and effort to re-instate the critical ‘ALL RED’ detection at this site.

The UMRR-11 can provide up to 8 zones of detection across 4 lanes width back to a 160 metre distance and can be used for multi applications including MOVA, VA, SCOOT, COUNT, or any other application where specific vehicle detection is required.
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