Smart Video & Sensing exhibited at the UK Road Tunnel Operators Forum in Deganwy, North Wales on 26th/27th April 2016. The Forum celebrated 25 years since the opening of the Conwy Tunnel under the River Conwy Estuary.

Peter Eccleson, Managing Director of SVS presented the successful installation of an upgrade to the Conwy Tunnel video incident detection system provided by Citilog, France.
The system involved installation of 30 new fixed IP cameras and an upgrade of the MediTunnel software from version 6.4 to version 8 and decommissioning of the old system. The project is part of an upgrade to all three incident detection systems at the A55 expressway tunnels in North Wales at Pen-Y-Clip, Penmaenbach and Conwy.

MediaTunnel allows fast automatic real time incident detection with an alarm and on-screen display of incidents within a few seconds after an incident occurs. Fast detection enables a proactive response to incidents and accidents and thus limits the risks of secondary accidents, minimizing human casualties and infrastructure damage.

Successful acceptance tests were passed in February and March 2016 and the system is now operational.