Smart Video & Sensing have completed a major ITS project in Blackpool working with Blackpool Council and Swarco Traffic.

Designed to keep traffic flowing freely within the town especially during the busy holiday season and when the famous Blackpool illuminations are in full splendour, SVS have installed 27 'Bliptrack' bluetooth units at strategic traffic locations throughout Blackpool along with 19 CCTV cameras. The installation compliments a comprehensive Swarco parking guidance and driver information system.

The bluetooth units provide journey time information on major routes to the council's highways department via the customised Bliptrack portal and the CCTV is linked in to a public facing website developed with Qvision in the United States providing video images of traffic flows on the various routes in the town. All of the CCTV cameras are housed in protective stainless steel enclosures to counter the effects of the salty atmosphere in the seaside resort.