Smart Video & Sensing Limited (SVS) have completed a major upgrade to the Weston Hills road tunnel (A505 near Baldock, Hertfordshire) video incident detection (VAID) system. The requirement was to upgrade the outdated incident detection system system with new cameras and the latest Citilog MediaTunnel Version 8 software. The new system was also integrated into the tunnel SCADA control system.

Rapid detection of incidents by MediaTunnel enables Tunnel Control Centres to track incidents in real time and then to anticipate congestion. The system can also track unauthorised pedestrians in the tunnel as well as ‘wrong way’ vehicles. Speedy notification of accidents may be signalled to oncoming drivers allowing them to adjust their speed and avoid secondary accidents. The risk of congestion is thus reduced, which improves mobility on the highway. Digital video recording of incidents allows for investigation into the nature and cause of such incidents.

The work was awarded to SVS by Paul Ducker Systems (PDS) of Derby who are responsible for the tunnel SCADA system.

SVS deliver upgrade to Weston Hills Tunnel video incident detection system